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So many fitness options!!

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Can’t make up your mind among strength training, stretching, foam rolling, Pilates Reformer or TRX? We offer all these platforms at our Pilates & Fitness studio. Conveniently located in the Kearny Mesa office area, work out any time you want, even mid-day.

Stretching out the hips on the foam roller after an energizing #PilatesReformerClass
​Forget where you put your car keys?  The “key” may be through your stomach!  Studies have found that a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat links to impaired memory.  This memory loss was associated with inflammation in the brain and impaired nerve cell function.  So as we age, it can be hypothesized  that being careful with our diet can actually make us less forgetful. So stop eating all those holiday treats and opt for salad!

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