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History of Pilates

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Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early 1900’s. It was brought over to New York City in the 1920’s.  It focuses on improving core strength and flexibility, starting with setting up the body in proper alignment. It can be done on the floor (called mat pilates) or on specialized equipment listed below.

Pilates equipment can help you change your body! When you visit corecraft, we design a workout to accomodate your goals, so whether your focus is more flexibility, more strength, or rehabilitation from an injury, we will work with you to formulate the perfect exercises for your goals.

About Pilates Reformer


The Pilates Reformer is the most common piece of equipment. (At corecraft we use Pilates equipment by Balanced Body.) It resembles a small bed with a pulley system. By changing the number of springs attached, the exercise becomes more or less challenging. Movements done in mat pilates can be mimicked on the reformer. Doing pilates with equipment usually produces results (such as muscle toning) more quickly than doing mat pilates.

Pilates Chair


The pilates chair is another piece of resistance equipment included in the pilates method repertoire. It consists of a large cushioned box, and springs (attached to pedals) which can be changed to produce the desired level of intensity for each exercise.

Pilates Reformer with Tower


A Reformer equipped with a Tower, such as the one seen here, allows the Reformer to be used as a Trap Table (also called a Cadillac). There is another exercise repertoire associated with this piece of pilates equipment.

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